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Add 100,000 Nurses Within Five Years, Says John Edwards

(News Abroad)

Yesterday, Senator John Edwards continued his four-day Fighting for One America bus tour covering New Hampshire. He talked about a plan to offer universal health care for everyone as well as his commitment to add 100,000 nurses within five years.

John Edwards said "Elizabeth and I are really enjoying our tour of New Hampshire. People have been asking excellent questions and we are having detailed discussions about how we are going to build one America together. One of the most important issues we hear about is health care," Edwards continued. "That is why I am proud that I was the first candidate to announce a health care plan and to have the only plan that is truly universal. But to ensure every person gets quality care, we also need to address our nursing crisis. Nurses are the backbone of our health care system, but we're facing a serious shortage with dire consequences for patients and for our health care system. I will fix this crisis so every American gets quality care."

According to John Edwards, New Hampshire, which boasts the highest per capita population of nurses in the USA, will find itself seriously short of nurses by 2020 - about 27% short. He pointed out that even today, just 62% of nurses in New Hampshire work full-time. While all Washington can do is provide rhetoric, empty talk and half measures, Edwards says he is offering courage, conviction and bold ideas to build one America.

Edwards says America has too few nurses, even though they are the backbone of the country's health care system. He added that as Americans pay more and more for their health care they are receiving less and less.

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