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Depuy Orthopaedics Launches New Hip Bearing System

DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., has announced a new option for restoring hip mobility in patients who require total hip replacement: the Pinnacle® Acetabular Cup System AltrX™ hip bearing. This system provides advanced technology for recreating the natural ball and socket joint of the hip to help increase joint stability, range of motion and longevity.1,2

The AltrX polyethylene bearing is used with DePuy's exclusive Pinnacle Acetabular Cup System the only product available that provides surgeons with the option of choosing a polyethylene or metal insert for use with the same outer titanium cup that replaces the socket of the natural hip.

"The Pinnacle cup exhibited 99% survivorship at five years," said William P. Barrett, MD, Valley Orthopaedic Associates/Proliance Surgeons, Renton, WA. "And, significantly, differences between patients, surgeons, femoral stems, head size, and articulation types did not affect survival." 3

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