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Dia-B Achieves Major Clinical Milestone By Detecting Its Diabetes Drug Compound ISF402 In Blood

Dia-B Tech Limited (ASX:DIA) has achieved a major clinical milestone of its ISF402 diabetes drug development by confirming its detection in the bloodstream of trial patients. Peptides and proteins already existing in the bloodstream often mask small peptide drugs, making drug evaluation unreliable.

A robust procedure has been developed for measuring ISF402 in plasma. Development of the assay has advanced the clinical development of ISF402 by identifying a major clinically active metabolite (HTD-amide) and in animal studies determining the circulating concentrations of HTD-amide that improve insulin action. The assay can measure ISF402 and HTD-amide in plasma from humans and animals dosed orally with ISF402 and the results confirm that ISF402 enters the circulation after oral dosing.

An independently assessed analysis of interim data from the recently completed Phase Ia trial has shown pharmacologically relevant amounts of HTD-amide in plasma from trial subjects dosed orally with ISF402. The concentrations detected were similar to those achieved in rabbits given oral ISF402.

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