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Window On The Brain Cure For Epilepsy

Action Medical Research has announced that a new MRI scanning technique could mean life-changing curative surgery for more people with epilepsy.

The technique helps to pin-point the exact source of seizures in the brain and, where surgery is possible, the area may be removed. This can mean a future that is seizure free for those sufferers whose epilepsy cannot be controlled by drugs.

It has detected abnormalities in the brain that may give rise to epilepsy in 29% of patients whose brains appeared normal using conventional MRI scanning.

Around 450,000 -2 suffer from epilepsy in the UK, it is the most common serious brain disorder and is characterised by repeated seizures. These seizures are often spontaneous but can be caused by triggers such as lack of sleep, flickering lights or a high fever

Action Medical Research has supported the groundbreaking work of Professor John Duncan, Professor of Neurology at University College London, and Medical Director of the National Society for Epilepsy, for 16 years.

Previously Professor Duncan has worked with the charity to develop MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans that act as "windows on the brain" to understand what happens between seizures.

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mike said...

An underlying cause of epilepsy, if available (a brain tumour, etc.), must be treated and given priority. However, drug treatment to control an attack/ s of epilepsy remains the same, whether the patient suffers from a case of idiopathic epilepsy or symptomatic epilepsy, where though the cause has been detected, but nevertheless, drug treatment is needed.
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