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Absolute venous thrombosis risk moderately increased after air travel

By Liam Davenport
26 September 2007
PLoS Med 2007; 4: e290

MedWire News: The risk for symptomatic venous thrombosis is generally increased after air travel, although only modestly, with further rises in risk seen with increasing exposure to air travel and in high-risk groups, study findings suggest.

Previous studies have indicated that, after air travel, the risk for venous thrombosis is increased between two- and four-fold. However, Suzanne Cannegieter, from Leiden University Medical Center, and colleagues point out that the absolute risk for venous thrombosis after air travel is unknown.

The team therefore studied 8755 employees from large international companies and organizations between 2000 and 2005, correlating travel records provided by the employers with the occurrence of symptomatic venous thrombosis. The researchers considered a flight of at least 4 hours long haul, and that exposure continues for a postflight period of 8 weeks.

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Reprinted with kind permission from MedWire News

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