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Largest Ever Clinical Trial On Stroke Recovery Medication To Be Initiated In Singapore And Philippines

NeuroAid™, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to aid stroke recovery, is set to undergo the largest clinical trial ever conducted on a stroke recovery medication. The trial targets stroke patients, who will be recruited within 48 hours of stroke incidence at participating hospitals.

The study will be carried out by the CHIMES Society, a non-profit multinational academic society comprising doctors and stroke specialists, which aims to study the efficacy of NeuroAid™ on stroke recovery at acute stage. Members include renowned neurologists from Europe and Asia. This trial will roll out progressively at several hospitals beginning in Singapore in October 2007.

The CHIMES Stroke Study is ground-breaking for the medical industry as the largest clinical trial on stroke recovery and the first time any TCM product has been assessed on this wide a scale outside China. The two-year study is a unique collaboration between stroke centres across Southeast Asia, including the University of Santo Tomas hospital in the Philippines, and a number of leading hospitals in Thailand.

In Singapore the study is supported by a grant from the National Medical Research Council (NRMC).

Professor Marie-Germaine Bousser, Head of Neurology at Lariboisiere Hospital in Paris, France, and Vice Chairman of the CHIMES society, commented, "Recent drug trials in the acute treatment of stroke have unfortunately all been negative. It is thus very exciting to take a completely new approach and to scientifically test in different populations a compound that has long been used in TCM."

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