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Tumor-fighting immune cells reduced in breast cancer

By Andrew Czyzewski
12 October 2007
Br J Cancer 2007; Advance online publication

MedWire News: Women with advanced breast cancer have fewer and less immunoresponsive dendritic cells than healthy individuals, study findings indicate.

The researchers also show that the immune response of these compromised cells can be boosted with CD40 ligand in vitro, offering hope for effective immunotherapies for breast cancer.

Dendritic cells are antigen-presenting cells that play a central role in initiating and directing antitumor immunity and are therefore important in the defense against cancer, explain José Alejandro López (Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane, Australia) and colleagues in the British Journal of Cancer.

Tumors employ numerous mechanisms to evade immune detection and elimination, however, including suppression of dendritic cells.

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Reprinted with kind permission from MedWire News


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