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Body Fat Levels Closely Associated With Cancer Risk

If you weigh nearer the lighter end of your ideal weight range your risk of developing cancer is lower than if you weighed more, according to a new report published by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF). According to the WCRF, it is the most comprehensive report ever published which links weight, diet, physical activity and cancer risk.

The researchers searched through the databases of nine academic institutions worldwide, found half a million studies that took place since the 1960s, and selected the 7,000 most relevant ones.

The report, which included contributions from 21 of the world's most renowned scientists, includes 10 key recommendations. The WCRF says that the report contains the most authoritative advice that has ever been available - advice aimed at helping people reduce their risks of developing cancer. The World Health Organization and UNICEF were among the official observers while the report was underway.

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