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Dark Chocolate May Not Always Be Good For Your Heart

According to an Editorial in the Lancet, dark chocolate that is rich in flavenols might be good for the heart. However, to gain the health benefits from dark chocolate might prove difficult.

According to a study in Circulation, in 11 heart transplant recipients, dark chocolate which is rich in flavenols , induced coronary vasodilatation and improved coronary vascular function, compared with patients consuming a flavenol-free control chocolate. Dark chocolate has been shown to have cardiovascular benefits in other studies too.

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Link Between Obesity And Decreased Seatbelt Use

Obese people are less likely to use their seatbelts than the rest of the population, adding to the public health risks associated with this rapidly growing problem.

The connection was made by Vanderbilt University psychologist David Schlundt and his colleagues at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tenn.

"We found that when weight goes up, seatbelt use goes down," Schlundt, associate professor of psychology and assistant professor of medicine, said. "This is an additional public health problem associated with obesity that was not on the radar screen. We hope these new findings will help promote awareness campaigns to encourage people to use their seatbelts and that additional resources, like seatbelt extenders, will be made more readily available."

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